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Wire Connector Kit


Heat shrink tubing covers each and every terminal in this kit enabling you to seal each connection after crimping. The tubing has a heat-activated sealant lining as well to provide a 360 degree secure seal. It's flame-retardant, waterproof, and won't tear or crack under duress. It's the smart choice for your electrical needs.

Thick Copper Barrel


Each terminal in our kit features a strong copper barrel to hold the wire tight when crimped. Copper is an extremely powerful electrical conductor, stable, can easily withstand a range of temperatures, and resists corrosion. This makes for a high-quality connection that you can rely upon to power your projects for years to come.


Each piece is color coded and labeled with text to show what gauge of wire the specific fittings will fit making even your most complicated electrical projects easy to organize, identify, and maintain.


Never lose a connector. Our kit features a portable translucent case with multiple compartments to separate your selection of terminals. No spills, no missing parts, and no damage. Keep all pieces in, while keeping water, dust, and dirt out. out.